Home page is empty. What Front end technology is used on MixCore

  • Hi,
    I am interested on mixcore CMS. I run it through Visual studio which run on localhost:5000. First it took some information to me like db connection, name and password. Then it redirected me to the admin page.
    After a while I wanted to view the home page for not authenticated users. I went to localhost:5000 and it is showing me an empty page with a home string.

    Also , I need to know for front side what did you use? Angular js/ Angular or vue.js

  • Hi @kibria ,

    Apologise for our team late response.

    At the time you ask the question, we are temporarily using the blank Razor theme. That is why you only see the blank page. We have switch the default theme to simple blog theme that you can try again with the latest DEV source here : https://github.com/mixcore/mix.core/tree/develop


    • Admin portal: Angular JS, we plan to upgrade to Angular 9+ in the near future soon.
    • Theme: Razor (MVC, SPA, ...)

    Hope this help! Thanks.

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